Turn Your Offer Into Leads

Concession Manager

Beyond the Promotion

Concession Manager lets your website visitors claim offers in exchange for their contact information, dramatically boosting your website conversion rate. Now your team will always have a steady stream of leads to call on and close.

Qualify Leads

Ask qualifying questions to get the information you need to close the sale. Create up to four custom questions or pick from a list of common questions to ask prospects.

Concession Manager
Concession Manager

Stay Notified

Concession Manager sends leads directly to your CRM and delivers a notification email every time a prospect claims an offer.

Custom Fit

Match the color, style, and placement of the module to your website. Use custom colors or choose from ready-made color schemes.

Concession Manager
Concession Manager

Prompt Leads to Make An Appointment

Once leads claim an offer, Concession Manager encourages the lead to take the next step and schedule an appointment.

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