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Email Targeting

One Final Nudge to Purchase

Your email list is your most valuable marketing asset. It’s filled with prospective customers already familiar with your business and open to engaging in conversation. And even as digital marketing evolves, direct email campaigns still remain the most effective conversion strategy. Don’t miss the chance to personally connect with your prospects at the most critical time in the buyer's journey.

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Close Sales Faster With Email

Engage your list with precision, finesse, and the thoughtful personalization you would give your customers. Our customized, visually striking HTML emails are designed to drive results and are backed by industry-leading engagement rates. Elevate your emails and see the results in engagement and campaign ROI.

Industry-Leading Engagement Rates

Our personalized subject lines and CTA-driven ads yield the best email open and click results in the industry.

Email Targeting
Email Targeting

Fully Customized Designs

Elevate your email campaigns with custom branded templates designed to highlight the best of your business.

Link CTA’s to Conversion Tools

Make it easier for interested prospects to take action. Link your emails to conversion tools that make it possible for prospects to schedule an appointment, claim an offer, start a chat, or pre-qualify themselves directly from your email.

Email Targeting
Email Targeting

Prove Email ROI

When you link conversion tools to your email campaigns you can track the ROI of every email campaign. Our sophisticated tracking software can show you which emails a prospect opened before scheduling an appointment or making a purchase.

Solutions for You

Email Targeting


Personalize your email campaigns with custom-coded mobile-responsive emails to promote your special offer or next step in the customer journey.
Email Targeting

Enhanced Email

Supplement your email blast by delivering the same message to your prospects as they use Facebook.
Email Targeting

Drip Marketing

Evolve your approach over time with a Drip Marketing campaign, which includes four emails strategically altered and delivered to maximize your current prospect list.

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